Sojo’s Dog Food

Sojo’s Dog Food




This is yet another great freeze dried product,  all natural and organic human grade food for your dog.  Sojo’s dog food is both grain and gluten free,  excellent in terms of preparation, storage, and available flavors.


Product Options


The Sojo’s company has made an effort to provide multiple options to choose from.  Some may prefer to buy the base ingredient bag, then adding specific meat for protein to it.  They also produce a complete mix,  with the most popular meat choices already blended together in each single batch.  This makes for a fast and effortless preparation time,  which is a real bonus for most of us.

You can expect nothing less than grain free USDA human grade ingredients,  produced in the northern United States.




This is the most exciting part,  each bag of Sojo’s arrives dry and packaged air tight. So,  depending on your dogs size,  weight and activity,  you simply follow the label and scoop the approximate amount of dry food needed.  Then mix with an equal, or greater amount of warm water, let stand for about 15 minutes and its ready serve!  So with very little effort,  you’ve just created a gourmet meal for your loved one,  while avoiding the fuss and hassle of actually cooking the raw food.

The icing on the cake,  as its prepared especially over the counter  (your dog will most likely wait and watch closely, as mine does each and every time) will in their eyes, be seen as something very special,  something that that we would even have!


Where to Buy


Sojo’s freeze dried dog food is available at select specialty, small chain and independent pet stores.  For added convenience,  you will soon be able to order Sojo’s  online with the appropriate link, connecting you directly with the lowest priced web store available.  I continue to serve this product to my own dog,  as it is another personal favorite for the both of us!

Thank you for reading, and again if you have any questions feel free to contact us,  we will get back with you as soon as possible!