Grandma Lucy Dog Food



Here I am going to review and discuss a sort of hybrid wet/dry food which you may not have heard of,  known as Grandma Lucy Dog Food.  I have found these foods to be the most convenient in terms of preparing,  as well as storage.

Grandma Lucy’s,   makes all natural, Organic human grade dry food. This product is both grain and gluten free, and don’t let the term scare you, also freeze dried.


Product Options


There are several different choices in the companies line,  offering various dry mixes that you can buy with or without meat,  adding your choice of meat separately. I personally prefer the meat already mixed in the bag,  as this makes it’s preparation very quick, easy and simple.  Being that it is freeze dried,  you haven’t the storage issues to worry about.

All of the nutrition is in one,  the company uses only USDA human grade ingredients.  So you can feel much more confident that you are giving your dog a high quality worry free food. Made in the United States,  with a phone number listed right on the package. You are normally connected to a live and knowledgeable person for any questions, believe me, I had plenty!




As mentioned, this is a wet/dry food,  due to it being served wet.  You simply add just over one cup of warm water to each cup of dry food, mix,  let stand for five minutes,  and your’re done !  The texture is sort of like mixing up oatmeal or cream of wheat,  but of course without the grains.  I do this in a meatloaf dish, using a coffee mug so that each time I’ve got the right amount of water and food.

Depending on the size of your dog,  the packages are generally in three and ten pound bags.  If you choose the all in one mix , the meat options are Pork, Chicken,  Lamb, Bison or Venison.  For an 80 lb dog such as mine,  you would typically serve four cups of dry per day,  two in the morning and two at night .  Simply reseal the product package, or place in your own air tight container and store at room temperature.


Where to Buy


You can find this food in select independent pet stores, and smaller pet store chains.  The product is also available online which I will soon be providing a link to connect you directly with the website store.  Freeze dried foods being personal favorites,  I have felt much better about what is going into my dogs bowl.  After discontinuing the former “Not for Human Consumption” dog food, his overall mood and energy improved within just days.

If you have any questions please feel free to drop a note.  Again,  being that I do use this food myself,  as well as other freeze dried products,  I am especially familiar with it and therefore can respond with first hand user knowledge 🙂

Thank you for reading, I appreciate your interest!