Freeze Dried Dog Food Brands

Freeze dried dog food brands


There are multiple freeze dried dog food brands on the market today,  these in fact, have become the largest growing segment of healthy and true quality nutritious dog foods available.

We will be discussing the history of the most popular high performing freeze dried dog food companies to date. You will find a further depth product review of these exceptional,  organic, and human grade freeze dried dog foods within the website review page.


Grandma Lucy’s


The company, located in the USA , was founded back in 1999,  and one of the first to produce such pure and healthy human grade foods for our pets.  Grandma Lucy’s remains to this day, a family owned top producer of quality freeze dried pet food and treats.

The name Lucy,  derived from the families pet, an 11 year old Cocker spaniel,   was in poor health due to the suspected traditional dog foods on the market.  This inspired her owners to produce and package a far more natural alternative to the typical poor ingredient dog foods.

And so,  nearly 15 years later, now among the largest freeze dried pet food companies in the nation,  continues to produce high standard, high quality food and treats made right out of the kitchens at Grandma Lucy’s California!




An interesting history,  this company dates back to 1984 with its original recipe being inspired the teachings of Juliette de Bairacli Levy,  known as the grandmother of herbal medicine.

In 1996 however,  a manager employed at a holistic veterinarian practice located in Minneapolis Minnesota,  learned of this unique dog food company being offered for sale.  Since successfully taking advantage of the opportunity,  Sojo’s  has gone on to be yet another top leading family owned contender in the high quality world of organic freeze dried pet foods.

Today,  Sojo’s continues to produce the many different lines of real and true human ingredient dog foods, one batch at a time.


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You will find a more in depth product review of these exceptional,  organic, and human grade freeze dried dog foods within our website review page.