Hello !


Im Jon and I have created this website simply to help you and others find a quality food for your loved one.

As a fellow dog owner,  I was becoming more and more disturbed about what was actually in my dogs food. I would often ask myself when the food package states  “Not for Human Consumption”   Why should I be so willing to feed it to my dog?


Are you feeling okay ?


I started to worry about what it might be doing to my dogs health,  both short and long term.  Is it causing him belly aches?  Is it causing the lameness, the itching ?  I started to wonder just what and where is the food coming from.  It is very unfortunate especially for our pets,  they cannot tell us how they feel after a meal.

Soon I realized,  the added guesswork and stress in my life just wasn’t worth it. I’d like to feed my dog in peace, and feel confident the food is okay.  I want to feel comfortable and not be worried about the origin or hidden ingredients which might be in the ” not for human consumption” dog food.




Assuming others are feeling the same level of frustration,  I will be discussing some terrific dog food options here within the website.  I hope you will find this useful,  as I have surely found my dog’s overall health,  energy,  and well being dramatically improved.

Thank you for visiting Nutritious Dog Food,  where you will find and learn about true quality dog foods.  Please free to contact us with any questions,  I will certainly try to help 🙂


Cheers !




Founder of Nutritious Dog Food