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Welcome to Nutritious Dog Food,  where you will learn and find high quality foods for your dog !  If you are anything like me in trying to find a healthier alternative dog food,  then you have come to the right place.  I will be discussing several prime freeze dried dog food options in the reviews section,  and throughout the website.


My Pets are My Children


Multiple Cereal Box Display

I feel the same way,  however would you like to eat the same old dry cereal kibble each and everyday of your entire life?  I certainly wouldn’t,  and I know those of you who have found your way to this website,  probably do not want it for your loved one either.


But what else can I buy?


There are many alternatives to the all common dry kibble on the market.  Canned dog food is certainly a step in the right direction,  however if you are looking for the next best thing comparable to a home cooked meal,  consider freeze dried raw food.

This type of food has come a long way in recent years,  both in terms of flavors and ease of preparation.  The leading companies reviewed offer several options of flavor,  as well as the ability to add your choice of meat ingredient separately,  if you prefer.

Preparation is also discussed within this website,  as you will find the ease of serving your loved pet a warm and wholesome meal so hard to resist.


Okay..  So what about cost ?


moneyThe additional benefit when you consider freeze dried dog food,  is its high nutritional value.  The food portions are typically served in much smaller amounts than a dry or canned food product.

Therefore,  you may be spending more for the same volume of food,  however your pet will be eating much less,  all the while consuming even greater nutrition and without the preservatives.


Something to consider ..

Vet examining a dog


When we have our pets on the popular and often low grade dry kibble,  what does our vet often suggest when they become sick?  The first thing I was always told is to put them on a short term grilled beef and rice diet made right in my own kitchen,  to nurse them back to health.

Well,  suppose we feed our companions a high quality and near home cooked meal year round ?  Yes,  the benefits will clearly speak for themselves,  keeping our pets in top condition to help fend off even the worst flu bugs,  while preventing future diseases and ultimately extending their life span.


So ..


To learn more about how easily and quickly it is to prepare a full course healthy meal for your loved companion,  visit our Top Brands Page where you’ll find the very best options available in today’s pet food market!